Hearts of Iron IV: The next expansion is coming in November

Originally published in 2016, the hardcore strategy game Hearts of Iron IV is far from over. Rather, the next expansion is planned for November!

With “No Step Back”, Paradox Interactive has the next major expansion to its longstanding strategy game Hearts of Iron IV announced. You can relive the bitter fighting on the Eastern Front.

Alternative history paths and game systems await you in the add-on; The latter should also provide new challenges in the grand strategy game. You will be able to experience these from November 23rd at a price of 19.99 euros.

What exactly do you get for that now? The centerpiece is a series of new national focus trees with new options. Important nations have been completely redesigned, also to offer an original story. Incidentally, the features are officially stated as follows:

  • New Soviet nations’ priorities: The communist rulers of the Soviet Union must also grapple with a system of government full of suspicion and betrayal, but players can choose whether to support the opposition party against the powerful head of state or even embark on the reactionary path of a restored monarchy.
  • New national priorities in Poland: Players will write a new history of Poland with options to reform the government, consolidate military rulers, or support a pro-Soviet popular uprising.
  • New Baltic nations focus: Common alternative history trails for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as well as separate trails for each country.
  • Military officer corps: Build a general staff that draws on the talents and expertise of available officers to benefit from technological and tactical changes.
  • Military spirit: Players emphasize certain characteristics of their armed forces, which add general bonuses to certain unit types or even help with planning divisions.
  • Updates for the supply system: The logistics system has been expanded to include scorched earth tactics, floating harbors and special supply units.
  • Tank designer: Players design their own armored troop with modules and set priorities in terms of speed, weapon strength, armor or production costs.
  • Railway guns: The greatest and most prestigious artillery pieces, specially designed to fight against entrenched enemies and fortified positions.

Presentations are possible from now on; As a special bonus, those who decide early will receive a musical arrangement of the Soviet war folk song Katyusha.

Hearts of Iron IV – No Step Back Pre-Order Trailer

With “No Step Back”, the next expansion to the long-standing strategy title Hearts of Iron IV is in the starting blocks.

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