Heartwarming Stories in the COVID-19 Epidemic: A postcard 75 years late-BBC News

  • Amanda Kirton
  • BBC News reporter

Image source,Getty Images

In 2020, when the new crown virus is raging around the world and the UK is shutting down the city to fight the epidemic, Stu Prince, who has just finished chemotherapy, is still in the recovery stage, but he has found a new goal for himself: auction for him from the Internet. The old postcards that came to find their home.

One of them, when delivered to the recipient, he helped open the door of memory that had been closed for decades.

The postcard was sent in 1946, one year after the end of World War II. Although it is a long time ago, the colorful postcards are still bright and bright. On the front is a picture of a sleeping bunny in the cradle, and the upper right corner is printed: today you are one year old.

The stamp on the back of the postcard is the head of George V, and the postmark on the postcard shows that the postcard was sent on September 27, 1946. The address bar of the recipient reads: 12 North Sumberland Building, Luxembourg Street, London Post code: W1.

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