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Panda Games’ Japanese RPG Three Kingdoms theme mobile game “Heavenly Heroes》After the update today (22), a revised version of “Zijinbao Xianjuanyundong” will be launched. Treasures can be cultivated to the quality of Zijin, and three training routes will trigger different talents; dark gold and Zijin generals will start advanced refinement, accumulating refinement The returned lucky value can receive the lucky treasure box, that is, randomly obtain the refinement attributes within a certain star range; there is also a collection of phantom shapes, which are full of storytelling, and let people see what they are at a glance. Which famous historical allusion.

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Treasure Sheng Zijin

The lord’s level is 165 and the treasures are of dark gold quality, open the treasures to upgrade to purple gold, and consume the materials needed to upgrade to purple gold to grow. There are three routes of cultivation, including the offensive-based talent for breaking the army, the defense-based strong shield talent, and the Wushuang talent that tends to return to anger. Choose a route and develop a total of 3 major ranks, each with 8 minor ranks, each rank increases the purple metal, and the higher rank unlocks the route talent. If you want to change the training route, you can consume a certain amount of ingots for replacement.

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    Three cultivation routes, with very different talents

Dark gold and purple gold quality generals open “advanced refinement”

When the military commander reaches the Dark Gold quality, the advanced refinement is activated, which is divided into two refinement attributes: Refinement 3 and Refinement 4, which are unlocked when the military commander reaches Dark Gold Tier 3 and Zijin Tier 3 respectively. The lord consumes designated materials or ingots for refinement, and the latter has a limit on the number of times per day. Each time you perform advanced refinement, you will return your lucky value. When the lucky value reaches a certain amount, you can receive a lucky treasure box, that is, you can randomly obtain the refinement attribute within a certain star range. The lucky value is bound to the attribute bar but not to the generals, that is, all generals refining 3 accumulate a lucky value, and refining 4 is the same.

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    Accumulate lucky points to receive lucky treasure chests!

Collection Phantom

The collection phantom is designed with the famous historical allusions of military generals as the theme. It has basic attributes and talent characteristics. The collection phantom is the activation bonus. The basic attributes and talent characteristics only affect the corresponding generals. When the same general acquires multiple sets of collection phantoms, the basic attributes and talent characteristics can be superimposed. Wearing the collection of phantoms can change the shape and combat performance of the corresponding generals, and inspire more cool special effects and gorgeous performances! Activate the collection of illustrations to get all attribute bonuses.

Collection Phantom

Military commander

Historical Events

Zhang Liao Zhi Cry

Zhang Liao

Zhang Liao repeatedly repulsed Sun Wu’s attack on Hefei’s army. Without the support of rescuers, he led eight hundred soldiers to attack Sun Quan’s 100,000 army. Wu’s army suffered heavy casualties and its morale plummeted. In this battle, Wu Jun lost his helmet and armor, which made Sun Quan frightened and Wu Jun was defeated. Later, he broke the 100,000 army with 7,000 and almost captured Sun Quan alive. After this battle, Zhang Liaowei shocked the east of the Yangtze River and became famous. Even ordinary people knew that when a child was crying, he said that Zhang Liao was coming. When the child heard Zhang Liao’s name, he was so scared that he would not dare to cry anymore.

Alone Savior

Zhao Yun

Zhao Yun faced the heavy siege of tens of thousands of Cao’s troops in the battle of Changbanpo. He embraced Liu Chan, a less-than-full-year-old postmaster, and single-handedly broke through the enemy’s line. One person could reach dozens of soldiers and defeated the famous general Zhang Yun. Give it to Liu Bei without damage. Since then, Changshan Zhao Zilong has become synonymous with the supergroup of heroes and martial arts, and the name of Megatron has survived through the ages.

Burning Chibi

Zhou Yu

Sun Liu Lianjun confronted Cao Jun at Chibi. Cao Cao connected the warships from end to end to form a whole body, so that they could rehearse the navy and wait for the opportunity to attack. Zhou Yu adopted the Ministry’s plan to attack Huang Gai’s fire, and ordered him to write a book to Cao Cao’s surrender, and Cao Cao made the plan. Huang Gai promptly led the Meng Chong warship to take the wind into the Cao Jun Water Village and set fire. Cao Jun’s ship formation was burned and the fire extended to the camp on the shore. Sun and Liu’s coalition attacked. Cao Jun was killed and injured more than half of the time. So he led his troops to retreat north, leaving the southern general Cao Ren to defend Jiangling. The coalition forces took advantage of the victory of the expansion, and the two armies of Sun and Liu divided into important areas in Jingzhou.


Lu Bu

Yuan Shu sent Ji Ling to attack Liu Bei, and Liu Bei asked Lu Bu for help. Just when Liu Beijun and Yuan Shujun were about to start a war, Lu Bu said to General Ji Ling: “Liu Bei is my brother and cannot be beaten. Yuan Shu is my alliance and cannot be beaten. If I can shoot me within a hundred steps If Fang Tian draws a halberd, you stop fighting now.” Liu Bei and Ji Ling both agreed. As a result, Lu Bu shot a halberd outside the gate of the Chinese army one hundred and fifty steps away, and in the name of “Tian Ling”, the two families were dismissed.

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    The collection of fantasy shapes is designed with historical allusions as the theme

System Optimization

This version launches a new chapter of the main line “Hundred Riders Stop Camp” and a new level for the trial of bandit suppression, and resets the “Journey of the King” gameplay, hoping to give players a more friendly and diverse game experience.

Heavenly Heroes》”Purple Jinbao Shows Wind and Wind” Revised Edition Gifts and FUN

  • New server daily login bonus is endless
    Players who join the new server only need to log in to the game every day to receive thousands of ingots, orange refined stones that can quickly improve equipment defense attributes, and resources such as endurance pills and physical strength pills.
  • Weekly fund discount for the first week of the new server
    The newly opened server enjoys the first week of fund discounts. You can receive a total of 10 times the rewards for seven consecutive days, worth up to 27,000 ingots, rich in materials and strong support, and you will be smooth and invincible when you are a newcomer!
  • Reach the designated level to give a gift
    Players of the new server can get Liangju’s help as long as they reach the specified level! Historic horses: Chitu, Lu, Huang Feidian and Zhaoyeyu lion and other orange war horses are selected by the lord; besides the good horses, there are more heavy golds, as long as they reach the corresponding level, there are thousands of ingots to give back to the players.
  • Achievement Reached Award
    As long as the players of the new server successfully challenge the dungeon, the arena, the tower of the demon soul and complete the specified conditions, they can also get rich rewards such as “soul jade”, “star stone” and “orange equipment”… to lay the foundation for victory in the world !


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