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2023-05-30 09:00:38

held on May 30, 2023ZhongguancunAt the special release event of the forum’s major scientific and technological achievements,social securityfundwill announce the establishment of a “social security fund”ZhongguancunIndependent Innovation Special Fund”.

ChinasecuritiesThe reporter learned that,The special fund is all funded by the social security fund, with an initial scale of 5 billion yuan. The market-leading institution is selected as the manager, and investment and operation are carried out in a market-oriented manner.The Social Security Fund and the Beijing Municipal Government will set up a strategic committee to guide the fund’s investment direction and evaluate investment performance.The term of the fund exceeds 10 years, showing the characteristics of long-term funds, and will mainly invest inZhongguancunEarly and growth-stage scientific and technological innovation enterprises, focusing on supporting the transformation of achievements of scientific and technological innovation enterprises.

Support the development of scientific and technological innovation enterprises in Beijing

According to reports, the establishment of a special fund aims to support the development of science and technology innovation enterprises in Zhongguancun, accelerate the improvement of independent innovation and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and help the construction of Zhongguancun’s world-leading science and technology park and Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center. Provide strong support.

As the manager of the Zhongguancun Independent Innovation Special Fund, Chen Hao, vice chairman of Legend Capital, said that Legend Capital strives to make full use of the advantages of social security funds, long-term funds and patient funds, and practice “scientific and technological innovation, professional empowerment”. , open cooperation, responsibility” concept, give full play to their own professional advantages,Support scientific and technological innovation enterprises to carry out key core technology research, help build Beijing’s world innovation highland, and actively serve the national innovation-driven development strategy.At the same time, Legend Capital will strictly implement risk management and control measures in all links, and strive to create long-term and stable returns.

Serve the national strategy and increase investment in the field of science and technology innovation

For a long time, the Social Security Fund has adhered to the concept of “long-term investment, value investment, and responsible investment”, and has always put ensuring fund security and value preservation and appreciation at the core position, actively integrating into and serving national strategies, and giving full play to its long-term capital advantages and market leadership.

The reporter learned that in recent years, the Social Security Foundation has continued to increase investment in technological innovation and strategic emerging industries through equity investment. It has provided capital support for more than 6,000 companies, with an investment scale of nearly 300 billion yuan and an investment income of more than 240 billion yuan. The annualized investment rate of return is 12%.

The Social Security Fund stated that it will use the themeeducateas an opportunity,Focusing on the implementation of innovation-driven and coordinated regional development strategies, strengthen cooperation with local governments, state-owned enterprises and leading market institutions, increase investment in accordance with market-oriented principles, help tackle key core technologies, promote the construction of an international science and technology innovation center, and accelerate the construction of The modern industrial system supported by the real economy strives to maintain and increase value while serving the national strategy.

The social security foundation recently held a party group meeting and pointed out that it is necessary to actively integrate into the national strategy, help the construction of a modern industrial system, and combine the themeeducatekey topicsresearchunderstand my country’s independent innovation of science and technology and industrial development, further identify the entry point and focus of serving the overall situation of the country, make better use of long-term capital advantages and market leadership, and support the development of the real economy and the construction of a modern industrial system.

(Source of article: China Securities Journal)

Article source: China Securities Journal

Original title: Heavy!The social security fund invested 5 billion yuan to set up a special fund to support technological innovation

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