Hebdo Games : Project Leonardo, PS5 (PS5)

Another very sad week. We have found only two pieces of information for you and both relate to the PS5.

Project Leonardo

Playstation has announced this controller specially dedicated to the accessibility of video games for people with disabilities.

Here is what the manufacturer says:

« Material Customizations
Among the main features, the kit has interchangeable components, including a variety of analog stick caps or keys of different shapes and sizes allowing gamers to configure, for example, the distance between the analog stick and the gamepad.

Software Customizations
On the PS5 console, players will have a large number of options to customize their gaming experience with Project Leonardo, including key assignments to duplicate an unsupported function (such as assigning 2 functions simultaneously to the same key ).

Works synergistically with other accessibility peripherals and accessories
Project Leonardo can be used as an independent controller or be associated with other Project Leonardo controllers or DualSense controller. To create a virtual controller, up to two Project Leonardo controllers can be paired with a DualSense controller. Thus, players have the flexibility to combine peripherals according to their needs. »

We are waiting for the release date now.

Put your PS5 horizontally!

According to gear specialists and other repairers, it is better not to put your PS5 vertically. Why ? Quite simply because the material used to make the thermal bridge between the APU and the cooling system would tend, in the long term, to flow on the other elements of the console. You have been warned.

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