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HEBER — The Heber Elementary School District has taken a step to help solve the health access problem that has plagued rural communities like the Imperial Valley for decades.

Through a partnership with Hazel Health, the nation’s largest children’s telehealth provider, Heber Schools will provide its nearly 1,200 students with access to free pediatric telehealth and mental health services.

“I am delighted to be taking action to help Heber children live healthy lives and stay in school.

“Being able to access a free pediatrician and mental health support during school and at night is part of our effort to build the best Heber our kids and families deserve,” said Tony Sandoval, School Board Member.

Through the program, the District will work to reduce absenteeism and support student success.

Students experiencing health problems are more likely to miss school and classes.

The program will help by providing physical and mental health services in schools that help students stay in the classroom and ready to learn.

“As a working parent, it’s hard for me to leave work to pick up my kids from school when they’re not feeling well.

“Having this program will allow my children to be seen by a doctor and have medications administered without me leaving work. It’s nice to know that students will be able to see a doctor and go back to class to learn,” said Board President Albert Padilla.

Through Hazel Health, Heber schools will provide in-school pediatric telehealth services for common illnesses, including the top reasons students miss school and leave early like stomach aches, headaches, head, sprained ankles, conjunctivitis and more.

They will also be able to schedule therapy visits to help students with stress, bullying, relationship issues, depression and more will be available.

“Hazel Health will complement Heber’s existing suite of mental health and social services that are for students, including our four school counselors, our psychologist and our clinical social worker,” said Superintendent Juan Cruz.

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