Hekma Ventures leads the funding round for the Egyptian O7 Therapy platform for mental health services for Arabic speakers worldwide

Amman: Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC announced. (“Al-Hikma”), a multinational pharmaceutical conglomerate, has announced its investment arm Hekma Ventures to lead the funding round for O7 Therapy, an online platform that provides psychotherapy services to Arabic speakers. O7 Therapy is an innovative and scientifically based online platform that provides psychotherapy services to Arabic speakers all over the world with the aim of supporting and promoting the concept of mental health and recovery for individuals and organizations alike, and providing the resources and tools required to treat mental disorders.

Participate in this tour; In addition to Hikma Ventures, there are C-Ventures, Lotus Ventures, and a group of prominent angel investors. This round is the largest funding announced for a mental health startup in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Hamza Abdelhadi, Head of Investments at Hikma Ventures commented, “We are excited to be part of a united effort to revolutionize mental health care and psychological recovery for Arabic speakers around the world. We believe that wisdom will play a pivotal role in removing the stigma around this. The subject matter, and will help in enabling access to a large number of individuals in the Middle East and North Africa.” He added, “Although the “Covid-19” pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital services in the field of health, it has also contributed to the rise in mental health problems such as loneliness, anxiety, stress, exhaustion, and others. O7 Therapy is worthy of addressing some of these problems, and providing recipients with Care with a trusted platform that secures them better mental health.”

In turn, Ashraf Bakheet, CEO and Co-Founder of O7 Therapy, commented, “We are delighted that Hikma has joined our mission to improve people’s lives. Mental health and psychological recovery are paramount.” He added: “Everyone deserves to have access to distinguished mental health services in a good and comfortable manner, which motivates us to do our work continuously and with determination.”

O7 Therapy is a refined and scientifically based online platform. It was founded to support beneficiaries around the world by providing ways to achieve psychological recovery. O7 Therapy has selected a network of psychiatrists and psychotherapists knowledgeable in the client’s culture to support them through psychological challenges they may face.

With its advanced digital infrastructure, O7 Therapy has the ability to connect patients with a group of ideal therapists, catering to their individual needs; The platform directly guides patients on their journey to effectively address their difficulties, using evidence-based methodologies that work aggressively and targeted toward progress toward mental well-being. This platform ensures the security and safety of service recipients by employing reliable data encryption and storage protocols within a seamless user framework.

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About Wisdom:

Wisdom strives to bring better health, within reach, every day, to millions of people. For more than 40 years, Hikma has been providing high quality medicines and making them available to those who need them at affordable prices. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Hikma is a global company with a local presence, with presence in the USA, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. Drawing on its extensive experience and vision, Hikma transforms advanced science into innovative solutions that improve the quality of life for individuals, and is committed to its customers and the patients they serve. Through innovative thinking and practical application, Hikma offers a wide range of branded and unregistered generic medicines, and its 8,400 employees work to build a healthier world that enriches all communities. Hikma is a leading partner in the field of licensed medicines, and through its investment arm, it works to attract and employ innovative technologies in the field of health to serve people around the world. For more information, please visit the website: www.hikma.com.

About Hekma Ventures:

Founded in August 2015, Hikma Ventures is the investment arm of Hikma and invests in global startups where Hikma’s expertise can accelerate revenue growth and enhance value generation by providing projects with access to the resources of a multinational pharmaceutical company. For more information, please visit the website: www.hikmaventures.com.

About “O7 Therapy”:

O7 Therapy is a digital platform and mobile app that aims to enhance mental health solutions for Arabic speakers around the world. By offering online psychotherapy, institutional recovery programs, and psychological educational resources, O7 Therapy provides the path to meaningful and impactful mental health care services.

Psychological recovery programs are also provided to employees in various organizations through a unique business model, which prioritizes the impact of mental health challenges in the workplace, and focuses on raising awareness and promoting concepts, removing stigma and stigma, creating safe and supportive spaces, and implementing strategies that support psychological recovery.

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