Helena Ciak (Blue) after the defeat in the final of the Euro: “It’s history repeating itself”

Helena Ciak (pivot of the France team): “It’s hard, it’s history repeating itself when we have one of the best teams in France, with exceptional players. We believed in it until the last minute. The gap was big but we were coming back. We wanted her to be strong but they were harder, more aggressive, both in attack and defense. Until now, we had beaten the teams quite easily while Serbia had had strong opponents, contenders for the title since the group matches. It unfolded, that’s how it is. We will have to put our heads back to the right place, we have no choice. We have another goal, which is the Olympic podium. Once again, it’s up to us to learn from it. We will have to get back into it, even if it is complicated here. “

Sandrine Gruda (inside the France team): “I don’t know what to say to be honest. Serbia played well, they did their job. I think they found a way to stop us, to prevent us from playing our game. He passed at high speed V. We believed in it from start to finish, on Marine three-point shots. (Johannes). It’s very complicated, it’s a big disappointment. They controlled us well and made us outsmart. “

“It’s complicated to draw the positive, but when it is time to put our heads right side up for the Games, we will. “

Alexia Chartereau (inside the France team): “We are very disappointed, we came for this gold medal, it was a clear objective. We wanted to be this team of twelve that would turn into victory. It’s complicated to end up like this. They managed to make us thwart, to play at their own pace, they impacted us throughout the game. They were full of skill. In fact, they had it all. They were more in it than us. They blocked our forces and managed to close our racket. Without aggression, it’s hard to shoot. Several times, we try to come back, we did not let go but we left energy. It’s complicated to draw the positive, but when it is time to put our heads right side up for the Games, we will. “

Gabby Williams (back of the France team): ” I’m disapointed. Hats off to Serbia who played very well. We were attacked, the defense, the pressure, it was hard to play with that. After half-time, we lost too many balls with the pressure. We stayed calm after the break, trying to play our game but the Serbs never relaxed. When there is this unsportsmanlike foul, it’s a moment that gave us a lot of energy but the Serbs have regained their momentum. It hurts for me, but I imagine that for my teammates it is worse. “


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