Helena Fürst admitted to psychiatry

Panorama Against her will

Helena Fürst admitted to psychiatry

According to RTL, Helena Fürst had to watch the Sat1 show a few days ago

According to RTL, Helena Fürst had to leave the Sat1 show “Das Große Promi-Büßen” prematurely a few days ago

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The docu-soap participant Helena Fürst was brought to the psychiatry after a neighborhood dispute. She is said to have become aggressive towards police officers. According to the Prince, the briefing took place against her will.

Dhe former “jungle camp” participant Helena Fürst was last Thursday evening, according to information from “picture” and RTL was admitted to the closed department of the Frankfurt University Clinic. The background is a neighborhood dispute in her home in Frankfurt, to which the police were called. The incident was confirmed by both the police and the 47-year-old’s mother.

Helena Fürst is said to have just returned from a shoot in Austria when she noticed on Thursday that several cables had been cut in a power box in the basement of her apartment building in Frankfurt. In front of the power box, the question of who was to blame led to an argument with a neighbor. He called the police. It was ten o’clock in the evening.

When the officers arrived, they found Fürst in a “mentally confused” state in front of the power box, police spokesman Manfred Füllhardt told RTL. “She screamed and kept reaching into the electrical box,” he said.

“I’m being held against my will”

A policewoman wanted to prevent this and tried to hold onto Helena Fürst’s hand. Thereupon the prince attacked the officer and hit in the direction of her head. The officer was able to “bring the Prince to the ground”.

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Because of this incident, the officials decided to take her to a Frankfurt clinic. The 47-year-old insulted the policewoman in the police car. One officer was slightly injured during the operation, the spokesman said.

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Helena Fürst’s mother Mila told RTL that she was trying to “get her daughter out of the psychiatry”, but so far she had “no chance”. She said the Prince was being “held” and the situation was not being investigated in depth. When she was already in the clinic, Fürst said to “Bild”: “I’m being held here against my will. I am currently drafting an appeal against the court order of my placement in this psychiatric hospital. “

Fürst is known for her participation in the RTL jungle camp in 2016, previously she was in action in an RTL documentary series called “Helena Fürst – Fighter from Passion”. On the show, she helped people who were wronged.


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