“Helena” is not a threat to your pension data. ” Truly?

The institutions responsible for the MyPension portal want to be reassuring. And claim that there is no security concern. But did they understand the nature of the fault?

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Dn a press release sent on Wednesday, the Federal Pensions Service, INASTI and Sigedis, the organizations responsible for the MyPension.be portal, wanted to “reassure citizens about the statements contained in the article in Le Soir” evoking the breach security in accessing our health and pension data. Note, for the record, that Le Soir does not assert anything. He evokes grievances, carefully cross-checked and verified, included in the complaint filed by Medispring before the DPA. This complaint includes a series of testimonials from doctors and patients confirming the possibility of opening a Helena account without having to formally certify the patient’s identity and the therapeutic link between him and the doctor. These two conditions are normally required to access this type of sensitive data.

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