Helena Noguerra grandmother at 51, her son Tanel is a dad

In commentary, Helena Noguerra received many congratulatory messages and responded to them. The singer Shy’m, Isabelle Nanty or even Joana Preiss reacted to the happy news.

Helena Noguerra became a grandmother thanks to her only son, Tanel, whom she had at 22. In an interview with Paris Match and released in 2019, the 51-year-old Belgian singer and actress presented him as “a very old 27 year old baby“and described their relationship.”Everything was very instinctive with Tanel. I was experimenting a lot and the child was not weighing me like it can happen later. I was so young … it was like having a little brother, I took him everywhere, she had remembered. This is the reason why he is very free. I raised her on my own, so I made her a very independent person.

On the set of the show We are not in bed, presented by Laurent Ruquier and broadcast on France 2, Helena expressed her desire to become a grandmother. “I would have liked to have had more children, but life, at least this one, went by very quickly“, she explained. This is her wish fulfilled!

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