Helena Resano narrates her family drama with Covid-19


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Helena Resano (46 years old), the presenter of laSexta Noticias in its midday version, is going through one of the most complicated moments of her life as a result of Covid-19. She and four members of her family have tested positive by coronavirus and the communicator has not hesitated to narrate this family drama, in her own words, in space Better lateby Atresmedia. Resano returned to his job at the end of August, but he was only “three informative and confined”.

At the moment, the journalist is at home in quarantine, as indicated by the chain’s protocol measures. The two weeks of rigor have passed, but she persists in her confinement, especially for her daughter, who has had a really bad time in this process. This is how Helena herself has told it: “She had just turned 18 and she was really bad. With a very high fever and she could barely move. We had to move her between my husband and me, and also bathe her. Constantly fell asleep and I was in a lot of pain. Fortunately, I have a doctor brother and friends who were guiding us a bit on the phone, but there was a moment when we thought it was not going to come back“.

Resano during his confession in ‘Better late’.


In his confession on the show Mamen Mendizábal (44), Resano explains the process he went through with his daughter: On the third day his fever started to go down and to regain strength. At 18 he was very bad. She was a healthy girl, without pathologies or anything. “At this point in the story, the presenter does not hesitate to question Public Health when explaining the “very long” process that both she and her family had to endure to get in touch with the relevant doctors.

“For a journalist there is nothing worse than living the news that you are telling daily. And this is what has happened to us,” he says. Suddenly one Monday, your daughter begins to show symptoms, similar to “a cold or sore throat”. Frightened, Helena and her husband go to an outpatient clinic, where “they scold us because They say that for some angina we don’t have to take her, but immediately they do the PCR. “In the midst of this chaos, she says, she gets in touch with Atresmedia to report her situation and, quickly, a PCR is performed: it is positive asymptomatic.

Immediately afterwards, the family is confined, waiting for the results of their daughter’s situation. “And in those five days no one gets in touch with us. We do not know anything, there is no tracker and, of course, the tracking of the other two people who live in this family nucleus is not started “, Resano has denounced, explaining that she is finally informed, albeit late, that her daughter has tested positive. Given this, her husband and her other young son also undergo the test, whose results do not know until after eight days. Another big disappointment for Helena, on which she focuses: “There was not a trace or a call from a tracker, only two calls from our GP.”

In the words of the presenter, the health centers “they are collapsed, they cannot cope. They are doing thousands of hours, but you live and see that everything is work and all that wear and tear on personnel and resources is doing no good“due to the lack of trackers. She is a lucky woman, as she explains in the Mamen program, since Atresmedia was able to carry out the PCR quickly and confine herself, in addition to “notify our own contacts”.

Be that as it may, Helena has been locked up at home since August 31. Her husband and her young son have already been unconfined since this past Wednesday. “In my case I have to hold out a little longer, because, fortunately too, the protocol of our company is stricter and they ask us for a series of tests to protect us all at Atresmedia, “he explained. He already has antibodies,” but the PCR continues to test positive, so for now I have a few days left to be around with all of you again. “

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