Helene Fischer has received criticism from fans after the tour has been postponed

After tour postponement

“Now we’re stuck with the costs” – Helene Fischer has received severe criticism

Helene Fischer has to postpone the start of her “Rausch” tour. The hit star has sustained a rib fracture. Some of their fans don’t understand that.


In the video you can find out how much Helene earns with her tour.

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  • Helene Fischer (38) announced on Monday that she had to postpone the start of her tour.

  • The hit star sustained a rib fracture during the acrobatic rehearsals.

  • While some fans wish her “get well soon”, others are upset on Instagram.

The news came as a shock to concert ticket holders: Helene Fischer has to start her “Rausch” tour on Tuesday in Bremen and Cologne postpone. The pop singer shared this with her fans on Instagram on Monday evening. Both the 38-year-old withdrew from acrobatic rehearsals on Sunday a rib fracture and urgently needs to take a break on the urgent advice of the doctors.

Many fans fully understand for Helene and wish her “get well soon”. For others, it comes short-term postponement of the concerts not good at.

Concert-goers are left with hotel costs

“I understand that health comes first, but I feel sorry for the fans who are already in Bremen or on the way there and may be left with the hotel costs,” writes an Instagram user. Another points out that a rib fracture is “not a matter of three weeks” and asks Helene to cancel the others in good time before everyone arrives. “The fall was yesterday. Only today the cancellation is really bad,” comments another user.

Another concert visitor sees it this way: “It’s a shame that you didn’t tell us that on the day of the accident, on Sunday, because most of us could have canceled our hotel free of charge. Now we’re stuck with the additional costs.” Another fan is “disappointed”. ‘Of course it’s not your fault, but it would have been a present for my father. I really hope that the after-dates will take place the way I ordered my tickets. Because during the week it would never work.”

According to her fans, Helene Fischer should just sing

He’s been training since December Hit star with dancers and acrobats from Cirque du Soleil for his tour. Previous Instagram videos have already shown some of the artist’s stunts that she will dare to perform at her concerts. So Helene will hang on the ropes, stand on a human pyramid and run up an imaginary wall floating freely and make a head-over-heels pose.

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However, their fans don’t seem to need the whole spectacle if you read the latest comments. “It always has to be higher, further, faster! Why?” asks a user. Another adds: “So much for the topic: nothing dangerous.” Many also draw Helene’s attention to the fact that fans only come to the concerts because of her: “Even if there were a tour without a show, where the focus was only on singing, that would be just as wonderful. I can totally understand your claim, but often the imperfect is the most beautiful thing” or “Helene, we have no expectations! I think I can speak for a lot when I say you’re enough for us on stage. Everything around you is great, but we’re here for you.”

A follower asks Helene directly: “You could just sing. Nobody needs acrobatics and Cirque du Soleil. Why do you need this?” However, some also protect the musician: “What’s going on here? Helene gets injured and you have nothing better to do than hate her?” The 38-year-old herself has not yet commented on the comments.

This is how Helene Fischer prepared for her tour.

20 minutes/p. Stirnemann

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