Heli affair – Lambrecht does NOT want to answer THESE questions – domestic politics

Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (56, SPD)’s heli affair never ends!

The strange thing is that Lambrecht’s ministry does not clarify, but consistently refuses to answer questions about the travel of Lambrecht’s son Alexander (22) shortly before Easter with a helicopter ready to fly to Schleswig-Holstein’s Ladelund (BILD reported).

The method: tricks, deception, smoke screens!

► Example 1: BILD asked the ministry a simple and clear question:

Where was the minister’s son during the visit to the troops in Ladelund and Stadum: did he stay in the helicopter? Did he leave the machine? Did he leave the property? Did he take part in the inspection of the antenna field in Stadum?

Official written response from a spokesperson: “See answer to question 3.”

In the answer to question 3, however, it only says: “Mr. Lambrecht also did not take part in the troop visit to the Battalion for Electronic Warfare 911 in the Bramstedtlund reconnaissance position.”

Sure – but that’s no answer to the question of where Alexander Lambrecht was.

Example 2: BILD asked:

Who took the photo of the minister’s son? Was it the minister herself?

Answer: “I refer to the statements made by the spokesman for the BMVg at the government press conference on Wednesday, May 11, 2022. Further findings are not available.”

That’s more than bold!

At that time, Lambrecht’s spokesman only said: “Because I wasn’t there, I can’t say who took the photo.”

Photo: private

” data-zoom-src=”https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/loeste-die-affaere-aus-lambrechts-heli-flug-mit-sohn-alexander-50e572a53c8a43d6b63a48002b422cb2-80121506/Bild/1.bild. jpeg”/>

Triggered the affair: Lambrecht’s heli flight with son AlexanderPhoto: private

A few days have now passed, so there would have been an opportunity to ask who took the photo.

The only explanation: concealment and a lack of willingness to clarify.

The background to the BILD inquiries are doubts about the legal basis for taking guests or family members along to a military visit and the question of whether the minister’s son was allowed to enter the Bundeswehr’s premises.

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