‘Hell’ global long-term success begins in earnest… #1 on Netflix worldwide for 4 days in a row

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Netflix’s ‘Hell’ (director Yeon Sang-ho) has maintained its No.

According to Flix Patrol, a global OTT content ranking site, on the 26th (Korean time), ‘Hell’ ranked first in the ‘Netflix World Top 10 TV Shows Today’ category, which ranks TV programs such as dramas and entertainment shows. has been maintained

‘Hell’ recorded 743 points, which was a big difference from 499 points of ‘Arcane’, which was in second place. After rising to No. 1 on the 20th, just one day after the release, it was pushed down to No. 2 by ‘Arcane’ on the 21st. However, after regaining the No. 1 spot on the 22nd, it has maintained its top position.

In addition, Korean dramas such as ‘Squid Game’ at 6th place, ‘Yeonmo’ at 9th, and ‘Gae Village Cha Cha Cha’ at 10th were listed on the ‘Netflix Today’s Top 10 TV Programs (Shows)’ chart.

Meanwhile, ‘Hell’ depicts the story of a supernatural phenomenon in which people are sentenced to hell by the messengers of hell who appeared without notice, and the religious organization Saejinrihoe, which was revived in this chaos, and those trying to uncover the truth of the incident are intertwined. It is a trilogy Netflix original series. Yoo Ah-in, Kim Hyeon-joo, Park Jung-min, etc. appeared in the cast, and director Yeon Sang-ho of ‘Train to Busan’ was in charge of directing.

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