Héloïse talks to Nagui about her disability, a rare disease

Do not forget the lyrics has been visible to a large audience for years. Nagui therefore often offers its candidates the opportunity to express themselves on subjects that are close to their hearts. When it is not them who take care of it, it is the facilitator who sends out powerful messages. Even if it means passing for most Internet users for a lesson giver, Nagui remains equal to himself. In the November 17 program, Héloïse, candidate for Don’t forget the lyrics, takes the opportunity offered by the host to talk about his illness. A rare disease, little recognized in the medical community, and which really handicaps her.

Do not forget the lyrics offers a candidate to lift the veil on a rare disease

Nagui is France Television’s flagship host. He animates Do not forget the lyrics but also other programs very popular with viewers. He often takes advantage of his audience to let his guests speak, to put his candidates in the spotlight. On November 17, it was therefore Héloïse, selected for the quarter-finals of the Masters from Do not forget the lyrics which speaks on a very personal subject. She chose to do this because her medical condition is rare and maybe other people are suffering from it without knowing it.

Nagui questions her, specifying that she has given her consent to broach the subject. Héloïse then goes into the details of her illness. It is called lymphedema. The lymph fluid in his body is mainly concentrated in his legs. This therefore has the effect of swelling his legs. His body is not homogeneous and the fats contained in his lower limbs are not easily dislodged. Sometimes some cases require surgical procedures. But the disease is not recognized in France and therefore unknown to most French doctors.

A daily handicap for Héloïse

Beyond the unsightly appearance and the complexes that the disease can generate in the candidate of Don’t forget the lyrics, it is physical and mental suffering on a daily basis. Indeed, when she wears heels or when she is held too long in the same position, she has unbearable pain. Also, climbing the stairs is no easy task. The candidate of Do not forget the lyrics explains having the feeling of lacking air in his legs by making simple efforts on a daily basis. Finally, getting dressed too is never an easy task. not making the same sizes for the top as for the lower body, she struggles to find suitable outfits. Especially since she tries as much as possible to hide her legs, out of shame to make her handicap visible and unpleasant in the sight of others.

This disease is so rare that even the candidate of Do not forget the lyrics did not know her when joining the show. It is indeed a television viewer who took the liberty of offering her to consult to obtain this diagnosis. Unfortunately, there is no effective treatment to cure this disease. But despite the difficulties, Héloïse does not intend to leave her place in the semi-finals and intends to do everything to beat Margaux. See you tonight to support your favorite.

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