Help for precarious workers: first payment on February 5

PRECARIOUS WORKER HELP. The first payment of aid to precarious workers should have taken place in mid-January.

[Mis à jour le 18 janvier 2021 à 13h03] The government’s scheme for precarious workers suffers from a serious delay in ignition. Due to difficulties at Pôle emploi, the first payment of aid to precarious workers, for the months of November and December, had to be postponed to Friday, February 5. As a reminder, it should have been paid on January 15. In total, nearly half a million precarious workers will therefore still have to wait before receiving this aid. As a reminder, help for precarious workers is intended for catering extras, seasonal and permittent, who meet the conditions of activity (read below). It actually constitutes a guaranteed minimum monthly income of 900 euros. Its amount therefore depends on any other income you receive. Who is responsible for the payment? What are the steps to take ? answers your questions.

The government wishes to guarantee a minimum resources at 900 euros per month. As explained previously, this does not mean that you will receive assistance of 900 euros. Pôle emploi will take into account all your resources (income from activity, allowances), and will provide differential assistance, if necessary, so that you can have an overall minimum income of 900 euros per month. Clearly, if you have 200 euros in monthly aid, Pôle emploi will provide the additional 700 euros.

The guaranteed income announced by Jean Castex and Elisabeth Borne is intended for workers who alternate periods of work and unemployment, such as seasonal workers, intermittents, catering extras and temporary workers. This is an exceptional response for (…) those called permittents of events or other sectors, registered with Pôle Emploi and who have seen their income drop drastically this year, ”added the Prime Minister. Here are the conditions:

  • You should have worked more than 60% of the time in 2019, at least 138 days, can we read in the decree December 30.
  • Due to the health crisis, you could not “work enough in 2020 to recharge [vos] unemployment rights
  • You have an income “in the form of allowances, earned income or minimum income that does not exceed 900 euros “, it was specified at a press briefing which AFP attended, the aid aimed at enabling to reach this net 900 euros. In the decree, it is specified that the persons who touch the RSA are concerned.

In addition, the device is intended to be an “incentive” in the event of resumption of employment. Clearly, if you find a job, income from resumption of employment will only be counted at 40% to calculate the premium. Note: “The bonus is not paid to beneficiaries of aid for the takeover or creation of a business (ACRE) “, can we read in the decree.

You do not have no action to take. The payment will be ensured in a automatic to job seekers by Pôle emploi. As the decree initially specified, the bonus for the months of November and December should have been paid in one go on January 15, 2021. This deadline was however postponed due to Pôle emploi’s difficulties in adapting. It will be necessary to wait until February 5 to receive the first payment.

The minimum income guarantee is intended to apply for the months of November, December, January and February, said Jean Castex. These precarious workers “are often employed in sectors which were almost or totally put on hold during the health crisis” and the idea is thus to provide them with financial support “during the air gap” that these sectors are suffering, until ‘to “return to normal activity”, the ministry said during a press briefing, adding that there was no “closed envelope” for this device.

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