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Today we want to surprise you by bringing you a visual puzzle which is giving much to talk about in various social networks as Facebook due to its high difficulty, which does not mean that we assure you that you will have a lot of fun, because today you have the task of helping Mickey Mouse to find the differences between the images.

favorite pet of Disney is in trouble and needs you to be safe and sound, why? Well, the cheerful mouse is fishing very calmly and catches something, thinking that it was a huge fish, he pulls the rope, but a strange being appears similar to Jason from the saga “Friday the 13th”.

What should you do? Simple, in just 10 seconds You must look very carefully and find the differences between the two images that we will show you below. Remember that the purpose of this visual puzzle is not only to entertain you, but also to maximize all your mental abilities.

Picture of the visual puzzle

The funny mouse is in trouble and only you can give him a hand. (Photo: Small Joys)

Visual puzzle solution

Do not trust yourself, because despite the fact that it seems to be an extremely simple image, the truth is that more than 97 percent of Internet users could not find the differences in the indicated timeespecially during the first attempt.

Were you able to find the differences in the two images? If your answer is negative, we invite you to give yourself a new opportunity. Here’s a hint: don’t focus on Mickey Mouse. If despite this, you still don’t hit the nail on the head, don’t worry, scroll down to find out the answer.

Visual puzzle solved.  (Photo: Small Joys)
Visual puzzle solved. (Photo: Small Joys)

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