Hendropriyono Suggesting TNI to Get SpaceX for Drones, Check the Facts

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Former head of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) AM Hendropriyono proposed that the Indonesian National Army (TNI) cooperate with a technology company from the United States (US) SpaceX to make a random aircraft or drone.

Hendropriyono assessed that the cooperation would make drones belonging to the TNI not hackable while operating. He saw technological developments and the massive hacking that made domestic-made drones vulnerable to hacks.

“SpaceX, perhaps yes, is a collaboration or we have to take advantage of SpaceX technology in drone operations,” Hendro said in a webinar held by the Indonesian Army Legal Corps, Tuesday (23/2).

So, is there any potential for SpaceX to develop drones for the TNI?

Based on search CNNIndonesia.com, SpaceX does not have a track record of producing drones for military needs.

Launch Vault, Musk wants to make SpaceX a space cargo company. Currently, the company provides a route into orbit for sending satellites and transporting logistical supplies to the International Space Station (ISS).

Later, SpaceX succeeded in building a launch rocket called the Falcon 9, which can carry more than 50,000 pounds or 22.6 tonnes of payload into low Earth orbit and Falcon Heavy, which can carry nearly three times the weight.

NASA and the National Reconnaissance Office, the Pentagon satellite spy unit are reported as business partners of SpaceX. The company has also put its own satellite into orbit for broadband internet services through its Starlink division.

As well as transporting cargo into space, SpaceX plans to transport people and equipment to the moon and Mars. To realize its ambition, SpaceX has created a spaceship called Dragon, which can carry cargo and can transport people.

Dragon can also bring large amounts of cargo back to Earth. In 2019, Dragon became the first spacecraft to dock independently to the ISS.

In formal greetings, SpaceX is working on a fully reusable next-generation launch vehicle that will be the most powerful ever built, capable of taking humans to Mars and other destinations in the solar system.

SpaceX believes a fast, fully reusable rocket is a critical breakthrough needed to substantially reduce space access costs. Most of the launch costs come from building rockets, which historically have flown only once.

On the other hand, Falcon SpaceX is known to be the first and only orbital class rocket capable of reflecting light. The Falcon can also land on one of the unmanned ships at sea or in one of the landing zones near the launch pad.

Launch Space, SpaceX is the first private company to successfully send astronauts to the ISS. The company sent its first two astronauts to the ISS on May 30, 2020 on a Crew Dragon plane.

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