Henny about Marco’s affairs: ‘There are more’

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Henny Huisman has been in the show business for years and knows many secrets of famous Dutch people. He also knows more about the affairs of Marco Borsato, the 68-year-old presenter admits.

Multiple affairs

Iris Hond, an employee of his and even about Maan, is said to have shared Marco Borsato’s bed with it. All those stories came out in recent months and that has had a major impact on Marco’s life. He first announced that he wanted to take a break and retire, but not long after, he and Leontine announced that they had split up for more than twenty years.

“The ideal image is gone”

Henny knows that the affairs discovered by various magazines are not all the affairs Marco has had. He tells Weekend magazine that: “Yes, there is more to come. I have known everything for a long time, but what should I say to Marco? Do not? Then he would think: what are you interfering with? ” Henny thinks that not only Marco’s marriage is affected by the revelations, but also his career as a singer: ,, The ideal image is gone. And lyrics of his songs refer to his own situation, like Dreams Are Deceit. Marco goes down in history as a very good singer, but a cheater. ”


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