her daughter denies with a photo

Isadora Sofía Figueroa, as the youngest daughter of the interpreter of ‘Torero’, was the one who demonstrated with a family photograph that the artist did not die and that He was absent from his networks because he took time to share with the family.

The young man spread a gallery with 4 photographs on his Instagram account and in the second image it was found that the singer is fine; there she He posed with his father Elmer Figueroa (Chayanne) and his brother Lorenzo Valentino.

Chayanne is on vacation and did not die, as they said on Twitter

Because of the location Isadora added in the post, the snapshots would have been taken in the icy and beautiful mountains of Colorado, USA, where they have been enjoying the first days of 2021.

“Bringing the heat from Miami to Colorado”, was what the young woman born on December 10, 2000 wrote in the publication’s post, which returned ‘the soul to the body’ to the singer’s fans, who did particular demands when it was presented in Bogotá.

Here, the photographs that the young woman compared, to see in which she appears Chayanne press the arrow that appears in the center right of the publication:

These are some of the reactions that the supposed death of the singer left on Twitter:


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