“Her father lied to her about harassment.” An Egyptian girl committed suicide from the fifth floor

A horrific tragedy took place in the city of Itay Al-Baroud in Al-Buhaira Governorate, north of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, where a girl committed suicide by jumping from the top of the property in which she resides, after she was subjected to severe psychological pressure.

Tweet of the victim of harassment

goodbye message

The pioneers of social networking sites circulated a tweet by a girl named Alia Amer, in which she wrote: “My great cousin molested me when I was young, and when I told my father he did not believe me … Bye.” An hour later, the followers announced the death of the girl after she committed suicide by jumping from the top of the property in which she lives.

The incident began with the director of Al-Buhaira Security receiving a notification from the warden of Itay Al-Baroud Police Station, stating that Alia (24 years old) had arrived at the hospital as a lifeless body after she fell from the fifth floor at the top of her house.

Anger on social media

The incident aroused great anger, and the tweeters confirmed that the girl may have been subjected to great psychological and social pressure as a result of being harassed and the parents not believing her story, so she decided to commit suicide.

They stated that what reinforced this was that her last words indicated her shock and grief at her father’s disbelief of the incident, as she said goodbye to friends and then left.

The pioneers of communication demanded a speedy investigation into the incident and the disclosure of the pressures that the girl was subjected to and pushed her to commit suicide. They also demanded an investigation of the father and her uncle’s son accused of harassment.

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