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What is the schedule of “” for this weekend? The Turkish soap opera is one of the titles that has conquered several countries in the world, starting with the love story of Miran (Akın Akınözü) and Reyyan (Ebru Şahin). Both in Spain and in other nations, the series has achieved high ratings, almost similar to those of “Mujer” (“Kadın”) and “Mi hija” (“Kızım”).

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The Ottoman production debuted on March 15, 2019 in and immediately rose to the category of success, the same that has been replicated shortly after in other nations of Europe and Latin America. On Spain, for example, is one of Nova’s most watched shows.

What is “Hercai” about? The plot is based on the novel of the same name by Sümeyye Koç, a young Turkish author born in Ankara in 1995. Her work revolves around pride, and the revenge, according to your synopsis.

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And so is the , where the protagonists seek to be happy together, but made of last, linked above all to their families, prevents them from realizing their love. Miran and Reyyan In this way, he will seek to overcome obstacles that touch very sensitive threads of his personal stories.

The couple of Miran and Reyyan is one of the favorites of the public. (Photo: Mia Yapim)


The Turkish soap opera “Hercai”, starring the actors Akin Akinozu y Ebru Şahin, will issue a It is weekend through the sign of Nova, television channel of Spain.

Therefore, the next episode of the Ottoman production will appear Saturday, August 28 and will have the 22:30 hours, according to the official information of the television network of the media.

In addition, viewers they will be able to see the new episode, live and live, through plataforma de streaming Atresplayer Premium, where you will also find all the episodes that have been broadcast so far of the television program.

Ebru Şahin interpreta a Reyyan en
Ebru Şahin interpreta a Reyyan en “Hercai”. (Photo: Mia Yapim)


The previous installments of “Hercai”Had two shocking moments in history: Miran’s revelation towards Dislah and Harum’s death. The protagonist is about to convince her that she is his mother.

Also, in a poignant moment, Miran asks Dislah to live with him and Reyyan in the mansion. Mother and son cry and we only need to see what Dislah will decide. While Fusum does not believe that his son has taken his own life, so he is planning his revenge.

It’s time for war”, Advance Fusum, giving an idea of ​​what will happen in the next chapter of “Hercai”. It will also be seen what role it has played Saint on Harum’s passing and Fusum’s upcoming actions.



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