Here are 10 foods that speed up metabolism, according to nutritionists

As you know, the metabolism contributes strongly to the weightloss. However, if we know its positive impact on the silhouette; on the other hand, we do not really know what it actually corresponds to.

What is the metabolism?

Metabolism refers to” all the chemical reactions generated by the body following the consumption of food. These chemical reactions actually transform the food we eat, provide the energy our body needs to survive, and burn calories.

These chemical reactions are divided into the following two phases:

Phase n°1 : catabolism: the body extracts nutrients from ingested food

Phase n°2 : anabolism: the body synthesizes these nutrients and distributes them to the body cells that need them to function properly.

Food plays a key role in the speed of our metabolism

Roughly speaking, it is the metabolism that transforms the fat in the body into the form of energy. Conversely, it is also he who will decide to store said fats, according to the energy needs of each. Our diet therefore plays a key role in the state of our metabolism: if we eat very fat, it will be more difficult to activate and will ultimately be slower.

Here are the foods that can speed it up and eliminate more calories

In addition to genetics or even physical activity, diet therefore plays an essential role in the speed of metabolism. In this sense, certain foods are known to boost and accelerate it, according to doctors.

Foods rich in good fats, and more specifically, those derived from plants, are formidably effective. The “good proteins” also have beneficial effects on this same metabolism.

And the list goes on and on… Dietitians-Nutritionists Elissa Goodman and Dana James provide the full list to our counterparts at Byrdie. What are they ?

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