Here Are 5 Cigarette Misconceptions You May Believe

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A priori, you do not live cut off from the world: you know that smoking is harmful to your health. A simple “cigarette break” exposes to thousands of toxic substances. Among them, nicotine which causes dependence on cigarettes, cyanide compounds, or carbon monoxide which prevents dioxygen from being fixed in the blood and which cannot be correctly redistributed to the tissues according to their needs …

Despite everything we know about cigarettes, the tobacco industry is doing well in France, and this for centuries: in an article by Futura Sciences, we learn that this plant (used for its alleged medicinal virtues) was introduced to the kingdom of France by André Thevet, an explorer who was gently returning from Brazil, in 1556! Subsequently, as early as the 19th century, cigarettes became a consumer product for which people began to advertise. To manipulate crowds, arguments relied on so-called doctors who praised the miraculous health properties of tobacco

In short, we cannot say that the subject is new or that no one has ever looked into it, yet fake news continue to circulate around cigarettes and their consumption. Let’s take stock, will you?

“We necessarily gain weight when we stop smoking”

In an interview, Doctor Nathalie Wirth, specialized in addictology, explains very clearly that stopping smoking, for a dependent person, does not systematically make weight gain if it is accompanied by medical treatment (nicotine replacement therapy).

The hardest thing to control is the addiction to nicotine which causes nervousness, anxiety, problems sleeping, concentrating, and cravings. According to the specialist, the majority of people who gain pounds when stopping smoking already had bad eating habits: so do not hesitate to be followed by a doctor, who can prescribe reimbursed consultations with the nutritionist, or see a tobacco specialist who will know how to predict the alert points. “

Nathalie Wirth distinguishes three types of profile when stopping smoking : people who will not gain a gram, those who will gain 3 to 4 kilos and the last who can gain ten kilos.

And for those who will gain a few pounds, it’s normal. It takes time, time for your metabolism to stabilize! Especially since the taste and smell that were attenuated are awakening: it’s a whole world of flavors that opens again to you … Be indulgent with yourself, this new lifestyle will reward you! (You’ll quickly notice as you go up the stairs.)

“Shisha is less harmful than cigarettes”

“One hookah session is almost equivalent to consuming 20 to 30 cigarettes. “

Source : Édouard Tursan d’Espaignet, from the World Health Organization (WHO), on the occasion of the world conference Tobacco or Health. Mass has been said !

Indeed, once past the range of scents of the shisha, it turns out that it is not so sweet, and that its smoke is not only water vapor … Moreover, these flavors , precisely, lead to swallowing the smoke more intensely.

And when the charcoal embers smoke, that smoke passes through aluminum foil, then tobacco, and finally a water reservoir that cools it – unlike cigarettes in which the smoke is only created by burning tobacco. In comparison, shisha smoke contains more toxic particles when it gets to your mouth.

A more dangerous smoke and inhaled at the top of your lungs, because it “smells good”? Loser cocktail …

“Light or rolled cigarettes are less harmful”

In the same vein, let’s take a look at a misconception similar to that concerning shisha: many people still believe that light or rolled cigarettes are less dangerous than industrial cigarettes… wrongly.

Roll-your-own tobacco is much more accessible than industrial cigarettes – which is why its appeal, especially among young people. That is a fact. But it is sometimes considered less harmful, because more “pure”; however, the tobacco specialist and doctor Philippe Castera explained in Health Magazine what « the yield of nicotine and tar from rolled cigarettes is three to six times higher »… not considering “Most smokers do not put filters » !

As for light cigarettes, sold as lighter in nicotine and harmful products, they are simply a good marketing stunt: their taste is less strong, but it is still tobacco, make no mistake about it. On RTL, Dr. Saldmann explains:

“We noticed, by analyzing the urine of smokers of normal cigarettes and light cigarettes, thatthey contain as many carcinogenic compounds. »

The mechanics substantially resemble that mentioned about the shisha: smokers of light cigarettes tend to inhale more smoke and harder to find the same level of nicotine. In the end, the harmful effects of tobacco are exactly the same on the body.

“I smoke, but I play sports so it cancels out”

If you hear people around you say: “I smoke from time to time, but I’m fine, I play sports so it re-oxygenates my lungs”, you can tell them they are royally wrong!

In fact, even being a top athlete, the tar in your lungs will remain, and so will nicotine addiction. Having a physical activity will only delay cardiovascular complications (by oxygenating your body and working your muscles and your endurance)… but complications will inevitably occur if you smoke regularly. Therefore playing sports does not negate the effects of tobacco at all.

Smoking right after sports would be the same “Criminal” according to doctor Michel Cymès and could put you at risk for angina. This is because during exercise, your blood vessels dilate – and this phenomenon, vasodilation, is accentuated if you take a hot shower right after. This is the worst time to smoke a cigarette, which causes a vasoconstriction effect: the blood vessels will automatically constrict, including the coronary arteries… This is where angina pectoris can appear!

“Cigarettes are an anti-stress”

You may have already heard some smokers tell you that cigarettes are the only thing that can relax them, or seen non-smokers “take a hit” in a moment of anxiety. Know that this feeling of relaxation is only very temporary and above all illusory : if you are naturally stressed, the cigarette will not help you!

In the case of a regular smoker, who would be prohibited from smoking for a given time, there is a phenomenon of anticipation on the part of the nervous system. The latter makes her believe that the next cigarette she will light will do her good … And indeed, at the time, when this smoker lights her cigarette, her nervousness will subside, because it is simply the first symptoms of withdrawal that will disappear. .

In fact, tobacco increases blood pressure and causes vasoconstriction in the blood vessels which constrict. At the same time and imperceptibly, the heart rate increases: in short, you are very far from the state of fullness that you hope for while smoking!

You are never as well protected as when you are informed, so we hope that these disowned false beliefs will be useful to you – for you, but also for those close to you. Finally, don’t forget that to quit smoking, your GP, midwife or gynecologist can be of great help to you, don’t hesitate to talk to them about it!

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