Here are the foods to avoid that accelerate aging

Skin aging is an inevitable natural phenomenon. However, it is possible to delay it thanks to appropriate skin care, but also by monitoring its diet.

In addition to the many factors linked to the external environment such as the sun, atmospheric pollution or even tobacco, certain foods are in fact partly responsible for the premature aging of the skin.

Among them, processed food products, which contain more than five additives (colors, flavors, preservatives, thickeners, flavor enhancers, etc.), dietitian Tamara Prountseva told the Russian weekly Argoumenty i Fakty.

“Processed foods can neutralize complex carbohydrates,” which regulate blood glucose levels and are the body’s most important source of energy, she says. They are found in bread, pasta, rice, or even legumes.

In particular, semi-processed products, which have undergone initial processing by the manufacturer, such as powder mixes for making pastries, grated cheese, sauces and dehydrated bases, toppings, or even quiches and pastries, should be avoided. ready-to-bake pies.

The specialist also advises against sausages, pastries, dairy desserts but also sweetened carbonated drinks.

Conversely, to slow down aging, Tamara Prountseva recommends consuming whole grains, rich in vitamin B1, which plays an important role in tissue regeneration, wheat pasta and favoring fresh fruits and vegetables (around 400 grams per day).

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