here are the four most effective measures to fight the pandemic

Since the onset of the health crisis, all countries have been forced to make decisions that they believe were best to fight the virus. On several occasions, the various governments have had to adapt to the spread of Covid-19. A team of researchers identified the most effective measures in the first wave, this study was published in the journal Nature Scientific Reports. Through this study, the researchers analyzed “non-pharmaceutical” measures, that is to say those that do not act directly on the virus, but on citizens and social interactions, in 175 different countries.

Following this analysis, the experts identified four effective policy measures to significantly reduce the number of daily contaminations. These are the cancellation of public events, the imposition of restrictions on private gatherings, the closure of schools and finally the closure of workplaces. These are therefore measures aimed at avoiding all social contact within large groups. And in addition to being effective, these four measures do not take less than a week for effects to be observed.

What’s amazing about this research is that strict containment of the population has been shown to have had only a limited effect on the pandemic.

As regards travel abroad, the ban of which is on the table of the Consultative Committee meeting this Friday, according to the researchers, this will not be very effective. “These restrictions had an effect on the contaminations after their introduction and for almost two and a half weeks. After which they ceased to produce their effect, ”explain the researchers who took part in the study. According to them, the controls were not sufficiently strict. The consequence is that “this measure was as appropriate to fight against a pandemic as a broken dike is to fight against a flood”, conclude the researchers.


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