Here are the nine skills that job candidates lack the most, according to recruiters

Reliability, critical thinking, writing ability… A recent study by job search site reveals the nine most sought-after skills by recruiters in 2022. Decryption with François Gougeon, president and founder of the recruitment firm Happy to meet you, based in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine).

With 7.3% of the working population unemployed in France, the unemployment rate in the first quarter of 2022 is at its lowest level since 2008. In this unprecedented context, what are the expectations of recruiters today? A study of the job search site, relayed in particular by the economic magazine Capital on June 8, 2022, reveals the nine skills businesses need most, but aren’t finding in the applications they receive. Decryption with François Gougeon, president and founder of the recruitment firm Happy to meet youbased in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine).

1. A good motivation

According to the study by job search site, a majority of recruiters believe that candidates have not shown enough motivation. “A candidate draws his motivation from many things such as the salary, the job offered or his colleagues, comments François Gougeon. In recruitment firms, what we see is that there are many candidates who are over-solicited. They therefore find quickly and do not relaunch their application. »

A phenomenon that the founder of the recruitment firm calls  « ghosting » , from English ghost” phantom “. “This means that, in a recruitment process where everything is going well, a candidate suddenly disappears and no longer responds. Why ? This is a reality in certain sectors where he has plenty of offers…” And to add: “When I started as human resources director, candidates were asked to do some belly dancing, and today it’s the opposite. »

2. Be reliable

The lack of reliability is intrinsically linked to this low involvement felt by recruiters through the low motivation of candidates. “How is it possible to show reliability if you no longer respond to your potential employer and he has to relaunch the recruitment process? »asks François Gougeon.

3. The ability to work in a team

This quality is among the most sought after by recruiters in 2022. “I completely agree with the study on this point, adds the former director of human resources. In 2022, there are more and more companies working in “collaborative” mode; with dedicated tools, he develops. The problem is that when you’ve been used all your life to working as a manager with a rigid hierarchy, it’s more difficult to step outside your own areas of expertise. It can be complicated for some. »

4. Know how to communicate

This is a request from a majority of recruiters who join the new post-pandemic working methods of Covid-19 with the democratization of telework. “Today we ask a lot of flexibility from future employees, especially in terms of their communication. They must know how to exchange internally but also outside the company. »

François Gougeon notes that recruiters ask candidates for a new ” know-how “a communication that goes beyond the strict framework of the company. “For example, we ask our employees to go to LinkedIn, to put messages. For some candidates we meet, this is not “normal”. But in 2022, we need a side more « corporate », both internally and externally. »

5. Have a critical mind

Regarding this criterion put forward by the study of the site, the founder of the recruitment firm Happy to meet you is skeptical: “It’s rather surprising to see it there, because the candidates are not lacking in critical thinking, in general, thanks in particular to the wealth of information available. When interviewing, a candidate today is more prepared than ten years ago. »

6. Have good computer skills

This is perhaps one of the skills most in demand by recruiters. A fact confirmed by François Gougeon: “Today, employers in all sectors expect candidates who are comfortable with the IT tools used internally. » He cites in particular internal messaging software or social networks. “At home, we no longer have a scanner, we do everything with the phone or by “AirDrop” [technologie sans fil développée par Apple permettant l’échange de contenus entre deux appareils] and it’s complicated when a candidate is not comfortable with that. »

7. Provide project management

The low level in project management is also very quickly spotted by recruiters. A good candidate must show his appetite for this field, in particular by mentioning it on his CV. “There are few candidates who highlight the projects they have carried out in a numerical way, with dates and specific examples”, details in Capital Marie Hugo Lindenmeyer, author of the study. This is a skill highly sought after by recruiters. “Candidates with real expertise in project management, it does not run the streets”, confirms François Gougeon.

8. Writing ability

Just like motivation, writing ability is one of the skills highly sought after by recruiters in 2022. “The ability to not make spelling mistakes is important, recruiters are also looking for candidates who know how to write messages well. It sounds simple but it’s not. Writing well with tone, style and speed…it’s a very rare skill. »

9. Technical business skills

They bring together the knowledge and know-how related to a given profession. These skills include technical knowledge and expertise. “It’s the basics of recruitment, but we see that there are more and more companies that recruit more on personality, potential, than on someone who is already an expert. »

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