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Who of Carl and Andréanne, Jamie and Stacey or Vincent et Noémie is the great winning couple ofOD Chez Nous? You have chosen, after a wonderful trip to Charlevoix …

Yes, after having made us go through the whole range of emotions during the season in the houses of the Montagne Coupée, these are finally the favorites. Noemie and Vincent who leave with the honors! Immediately after the final journey, Jay Du Temple crowned the lovers who were present live at the Grand Quai of the Port of Montreal. It is in front of their close family, and all the former candidates ofOD Chez Nous, that the finalists learned who won the grand prize!

The winning couple of Occupation Double therefore won:

  • A magnificent condo in the Aristo Condos project, in Laval, valued at $ 300,000;
  • Two Buick Encore GX with all-wheel drive for a two-year lease valued at $ 35,000 offered by Groupe Gravel;
  • Interior and exterior furniture offered by MUST valued at $ 25,000;
  • A Center Hi-Fi multi-room audio-video set, valued at $ 25,000;
  • Two 10-year unlimited memberships to Cardio Plein Air, valued at $ 25,000;
  • A Bell package including Fibe Internet, Fibe TV and Bell Smart Home, free for two years;
  • Two Can-Am Rykers offered by Performance NC valued at $ 30,000;
  • The winning couple insured their new condo and their new car fully online with Sonnet Insurance!
  • Did you vote for them? Tell us that in the comments!

Favorite of the public

For a second time at Occupation Double, the public had the chance to vote for the season’s favorite candidate. It is finally Julie Munger who won the title this season and it was Julie Snyder who presented him live with a purse worth $ 10,000 (there were nearly 300,000 votes).

Fans of bickering, do not miss the long-awaited meeting of the hour of truth, next December 6 at 6.30 p.m. on Noovo … to FINALLY find out what Jay Du Temple thinks of cheating beauty Eloise (who announced last week her separation from Charles)!

See more photos from the evening! Jay Du Temple also unveiled his new face in the grand finale:


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