here are the regions most affected by AIDS

According to the ALCS, 34% of 850 new infections concern 15-24 year olds. In the lot, there are also 300 deaths. In all, 67% of new infections are found in the networks of populations most at risk of infection. 70.7% of women are infected by their spouse, specifies the same source.

The ALCS also affirms that a low prevalence of HIV in Morocco is remarkable in the general population (0.08%), 1.7% among “female professionals”, 5.9% on average among homosexuals and 7.1% on average among people who inject drugs. At the regional level, three of them account for nearly 65% ​​of notified cases, namely Sous-Massa (25%), Marrakech-Safi (21%) and Casablanca-Settat (20%).

A new campaign is planned for the period from December 1 to 31, 2020. It aims to continue awareness-raising, screening and management actions for ALCS… for the benefit of young people and populations. The results of the campaign should be unveiled on Saturday, December 19, 2020 on 2M, it is further specified.

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