Here is the action scene in Vijay movie, this time breaking the pillar of Chengalchoola again

Kochi, First Published Oct 12, 2021, 9:02 AM IST

Recently, a scene from the movie starring Surya was recreated. The children of Chengalchula recreated a song from the movie Ayan called Surya. Surya himself came on the scene to congratulate them. Now, the children of Chengalchula have recreated an action scene in the movie Theri starring Vijay.

It is very difficult to shoot on a heavy road in Thiruvananthapuram city. It was then that the children of Chenkalchoola or Rajaji Nagar performed a stunt like this to perfection. There are many comments coming to their video. The comments praised the editing and highlighted the timing of the characters. The children are waiting for Vijay to congratulate him after watching the video. Earlier, Surya had come on stage to congratulate the children of Chengalchula.

Anyway the video of the kids in the brick kiln is making waves online.

Vijay starrer Theri was directed by Attlee.

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