Here is the best magic detox cure to follow to be in perfect health

The purpose of this cure is not necessarily to lose weight. It can help you lose weight, but it only lasts about ten days to help your body get rid of certain toxins. A naturopath has set up this cure thanks to lemon, known for its virtues.

A cure that lasts only ten days

This method is not new since it is developed by Stanley Burroughs, a naturopath. He invents a liquid fasting technique he calls the Master Cleanse Diet. With as its central element a fruit well known for its acid taste: lemon.

This lemon detox is divided into three stages, over ten days. The first phase lasts three days and consists of gradually reducing the power supply. On the first day, you should eat only whole grain vegetables and starches. On the second day, only juices and broths are allowed. Finally, you should only swallow fresh orange juice on the third day.

Then begins the main phase. Throughout the day, you must consume the central element: a mixture based on lemon juice developed by the naturopath. You have to prepare it at home following the recipe. You will need: two tablespoons of lemon or lime juice, two tablespoons of real maple syrup, a pinch cayenne pepper and 200 ml of water.

« Use only fresh (organic) lemons or limes, never canned lemon or lime juice, or frozen lemonade or frozen juice“, explains Stanley Burroughs.

The benefits of lemon

For four days you must drink this mixture and only this mixture. You can accompany it with natural herbal laxatives to stimulate the digestive system. Finally, the last three days, you do the reverse of the first three. You start by drinking only fresh orange juice, before fueling up with juices, then finally solid foods.

It is not for nothing that the naturopath decided to make lemon the element central of this treatment. The virtues of lemon are, in fact, well known. Although it is acidic, the lemon is not an acidifying food. It helps the body to maintain an ideal pH. To limit inflammation, it is therefore ideal.

It is the citrus fruit that contains the most vitamin C. Lemon therefore helps to reduce fatigue and protects our cells from oxidative stress. In effect, when the body is under stress, the vitamin C found in the adrenal cortex is depleted. Thus, we have less ability to manage change and stress that they cause. A sufficient dose of vitamin C is therefore essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system. Its potassium content is also useful for the nervous system.

Misconceptions about lemon

As you can see, lemon is an interesting food for health. On the other hand, we can read a little of everything about it. And unfortunately, not everything is true. For example, lemon does not make teeth white. It certainly helps to fight against tartar (thanks to the citric acid), but that’s not what makes the dents whiter. Especially if, alongside a lemon diet, you smoke or drink coffee. Relying solely on lemon is therefore a bad idea. Especially since in the long term, the gums retract and are more sensitive. To avoid this, consume lemon juice through a straw.

Lemon itself does not make you lose weight. It is a worthwhile addition to your diet for the health benefits discussed above. But don’t think that drinking lemon juice every day is a good idea. The cure indicated above only lasts ten days and should not be extended over the long term. You must protect your health. So think of lemon for a healthy lifestyle. But don’t rely on him alone to achieve certain goals.

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