here is the first power supply cut for the GeForce RTX 4000 and Radeon RX 7000

Power supply manufacturers are preparing the PSUs that will accompany the next generation of graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia. The first to draw is none other than MSI with its MEG Ai1300P, an ultra-modern 1300 W power supply: the first to adopt the ATX 3.0 standard, while betting on the PCIe 5.0 standard.

Here is the MEG Ai1300P, the first ATX 3.0 power supply // Source: MSI

The best you can imagine to power the next generation of GPUs fromAMD et Nvidia. This is what MSI wants to offer with its MEG Ai1300P. This very high-end 1300 W power supply is the very first to bring the new ATX 3.0 and PCIe 5.0 standards to the market. It is thus illustrated by the early adoption of the new PCIe 5.0 connectors 12VHPWR. Equipped with 12+4 pins (instead of 6 or 8 pins on more traditional connectors), this port is capable of sending up to 600 W to the GPU.

In the case of its MEG Ai1300P, MSI goes even further by announcing that it can climb much higher for short periods to accompany “ power excursions of future GPUs from Nvidia and AMD.

A “Future-proof” power supply

In this case, MSI promises that its new PSU will be able to hold the course of 2600 W over a period of 100 µs. An important argument, mainly for the most high-end cards, since without a sufficiently strong power supply, these consumption peaks can lead to a pure and simple crash of the system due to lack of power.

ME Ai1300P-2
Source : MSI

Certified 80 Plus Platinum to allow optimal electrical efficiency (at least 89% efficiency at 100% load), the MSI MEG Ai1300P also benefits from copper alloy connectors to help deliver stable voltages… and thus improve safety, crucial for high-end components. The new block from MSI is also fully modular and is of course equipped with a fan to avoid overheating in an intensive load context.

For the moment, MSI does not give any price for its MEG Ai1300P. It is also unknown when this new power supply will hit the market, but one thing is certain, it will be expensive. A price of around 500 euros would not be surprising.

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