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Selection. Jackson Muleka, recovered from his hamstring tear, was scheduled for selection but was eventually replaced by Sylvestre. “He was a bit ill and we preferred not to take any risks,” says Philippe Montanier.

Oular. Flu, according to the official version, he did not appear in the selection of Philippe Montanier, nor Boljevic, still embarrassed by his lumbago, and Cop, victim of a terrible shock in the crotch in Glasgow.

Amallah. “There is a better thing for him,” said Montanier, but the Moroccan international, hit in the ankle, will have to wait a little longer before resuming training.

El Messaoudi. Former player of Standard and Mechelen, defensive midfielder Ahmed El Messaoudi offered himself a decisive double with Groningen on Sunday (1-2 victory at AZ Alkmaar).


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