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Here is the launch date of “iPhone 14”

by archyde

Apple hasn’t officially announced a date (Josh Edelson/Getty)

Apple aims to hold a launch conference for the new iPhone 14 on September 7, according to what it reported Bloomberg Network from unnamed sources.

Devices will be launched “Iphone” The new season will be a busy season for products in the fall, and it will also include “Mac”, “iPad” and “Apple Watch” watches.

It is possible that Apple will announce the iPhone 14 along with iOS 16, the latest version of the iPhone operating system.

Usually advertise “Camel” It announced its new wave of iPhone models in September, and released it shortly thereafter.

Apple released the iPhone 13 on September 14, before making it available in stores on September 24.

The timing was similar for the iPhone 11, iPhone 8 and earlier models.

However there were some exceptions. Apple launched the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro in October 2020, while the Mini 12 and 12 Pro Max became available in November of the same year. The iPhone X was also launched in November 2017.

As for what to expect from the iPhone 14, rumors suggest that the Pro model could have an improved 48MP main camera and a new look devoid of the bezel.

It is also rumored that “Apple” will release a new size, larger than the standard “iPhone 14”.

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