here is the new Freebox OS interface

Free has deployed a new version of its Freebox firmware with a brand new interface for Freebox OS.

Just before the summer, Free rolled out many new features. The first thing to do is to update your Freebox Revolution, Delta, Pop or Mini 4K. You will be able to discover Freebox OS 4.4 and its new software interface.

Freebox OS redesign

As you can see below, Freebox OS has been overhauled. This is Free’s operating system allowing you to manage your Freebox from your internet browser, the interface benefits from a complete overhaul carried out by Quentin Stoeckel of the MesaVolt startup according to UniversFreebox.

This interface is accessible from the address, when you are connected to your Freebox network. As you can see, the new interface now looks like the software interface of a classic OS, with a status bar that allows you to view the quality of Wi-Fi connection or to disconnect external storage connected to USB safely. All the icons have been revised, with a set of predefined colors for easier navigation.

No new features on the menu, it is nothing more or less a redesign of the user interface. To take advantage of it, all you have to do is restart the Freebox Server.

A new interface for assistance

This is not the only remarkable novelty, Free has also deployed its new interface dedicated to assistance. Accessible from address, you will find a lot of content to help you solve your problems. There are even videos, this may help you avoid a call to the Free hotline at 3244.

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