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here is the REAL impact of vaccination on menstruation, according to this study

Since the beginning of the vaccination campaign against the Covid-19, concern about the potential effects of vaccine on the rules keeps increasing. Some women indeed claim to have observed disorders in their cycle after injection (s), but then: what does the science say?

Quite recently, an American study – published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology – came for the first time to shed light on the subject. Vaccines against coronavirus do they have a real influence on the rules?

Vaccination against Covid-19: the menstrual cycle can be lengthened

To answer this question, the scientists analyzed the menstrual cycles of two groups of women. The first consisted of 2,400 people vaccinated. The other of 1,500 unvaccinated people, for comparison. Make way for the verdict!

What this study found was that vaccination could lengthen the menstrual cycle. In other words: the period between the start of each period. We are talking about less than a day on average (0.64 days).

However, the duration of the rules does not seem to be affected by the vaccination! In any case, this is highlighted by this work carried out on nearly 4,000 women in the United States.

“Very reassuring” results

To explain why vaccination is likely to lengthen the menstrual cycle, Alison Edelman – lead author of the study – says: ” We know that the immune and reproductive systems are interconnected ”. It is clear that vaccines create a strong immune response.

Still according to the professor of obstetrics and gynecology at theOregon Health & Science University, the results of this study would be ” very reassuring “! According to her findings, the effect of vaccination on the menstrual cycle is mild, temporary and does not affect fertility.

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