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The number of people hospitalized for Covid-19 continues to decline and now stands at 5,650 (-4%), including 1,284 patients treated in intensive care (-3%), according to provisional figures from the Institute of Public Health Sciensano published on Friday.

The number of Covid-19 contaminations in Belgium continues to drop steadily. On average, from November 10 to 16, there were 4,353 daily contaminations, a decrease of 37% compared to the previous seven days,

The number of hospital admissions due to Covid-19 also continues to decrease, by -25%, and now stands at 372.3 per day on average (between November 13 and November 19).

Since the start of the pandemic, 39,930 people have been admitted to hospital due to a Covid-19 pathology and 15,196 people have died. From November 10 to 16, 186 people died on average each day (-6.9% compared to the previous seven-day period).

The test positivity rate, i.e. the proportion of positive people out of all the people tested, now reaches 18.7% on average nationwide, over the same reference period. In total, since the start of the epidemic in March, 550,264 people have tested positive for the coronavirus in Belgium.

Municipality report by municipality

In the infographics below, you can find the number of cases identified in your town since the start of the epidemic, as well as since October 19, i.e. the closure of the hospitality industry and the establishment of the curfew.


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