Here is the video of the altercation in which three police officers were injured

The individual the police wanted to control rebelled and other people intervened, slightly injuring the 3 officers. “Blows were exchanged,” police spokesman Olivier Slosse explained to our colleagues from Nieuwblad. Three people were arrested and will be presented to the prosecution.

The SLFP Police posted a video of the altercation on Twitter. On the images, we can see violent blows that are exchanged.

“It cannot continue like that”, deplores Vincent Houssin, the president of the police union, to the Nieuwsblad. “Bands think they can take power in certain neighborhoods. The government must act ”. Every day, 25 similar incidents are recorded by the police.

The President of the MR Georges-Louis Bouchez, in the evening, brought his support to the agents: “Total solidarity. Respect for police officers. Zero tolerance and severe penalties for violence against them, as provided for in the government’s agreement, ”he tweeted.


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