Here is what would be at the origin of the fire in Bozar, according to the first observations

It would be more specifically the overheating of a power supply, located at the entrance of the technical room, which caught fire first. The final expert report is still awaited.

The fire was noted around 4:00 p.m. Monday, January 18, near cooling towers in a technical room. It spread between the roof and the ceiling over a large area, which made the intervention particularly delicate. The fire was extinguished around 9:30 p.m.

The technical director, investments and security in Bozar, responsible for the renovation of the buildings, Stéphane Vanreppelen, was present on the scene at the time of the fire. He explained that the fire started in the first place in the large technical room, containing a cooling system, which is located above the Henry Le Boeuf room. “When the firefighters arrived, we could only see smoke in this room. I walked around the rooms with them at their request. There was then a lot of smoke, but no flames. The expert said that the fire was probably already smoldering at the level of the gutters of the roof perpendicular to the technical room, which are made of wood and covered with zinc. When the zinc melted, all of a sudden we saw flames appear along the entire length of the this gutter. Afterwards, the second technical room caught fire. There was no propagation in the room in the middle, but there were still fire starts inside, a little in the roof of the room Henry Le Boeuf, “he said.

The roof is temporarily covered with a tarpaulin, pending work to close it. The damage inside the building was mainly caused by water spilled to extinguish the fire. The Henry Le Boeuf concert hall and its organ which were particularly affected by the fire, as well as the exhibition circuit on the rue Royale side. No work was damaged.

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