here is why one of the members of the final jury could not vote for his favorite candidate in the final!

Friday, Loïc, Brice and Alexandra will try to hold as much time as possible on the famous Koh-Lanta posts to be able to choose the candidate they will face during the vote of the final jury which will determine the winner of this edition of “Koh-Lanta, the 4 Lands ”.

But this time, the final jury will be a little smaller than usual. Indeed, last Friday, Marie-France did not appear on the screen while the other candidates eliminated after reunification welcomed Angélique. Why ? Quite simply because, as the production of the show explained to Télé-Loisirs, she had to return home urgently “for personal reasons”.

As a result, she could not vote for one of the two finalists since they were not yet known when she left Fiji.

During the last edition, Naoil and Charlotte had experienced a similar situation, but for medical reasons.


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