Here is your horoscope for this Thursday, January 28: love, money, work, health …

Which day should you expect on a sentimental, financial or health level? Check it out below with our complete horoscope, sign by sign.

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Love: You will not lack vitality or seduction, but your love situation can become quite confusing. You will probably feel the need to question yourself and rethink your relationship.

Work-Money: You will get the achievements you dream of, as long as you don’t boast too much. Don’t risk your place by selling the bear skin before you’ve killed it.

Health: Good physical balance.

Mood: Quite serene day.

Tip: Take things as they come and keep your spirits up.


Love: Your loves promise to be tonic. You have confidence in yourself and in your charm and that makes you attractive, even irresistible. This is not a reason to take the big head, you would risk jeopardizing emerging relationships if you start flitting around.

Work-Money: Make the effort to listen to others it will save you from taking up precious time or having to start over with tedious work. You may not know everything and some advice will prove to be invaluable. The day will be calm in the finance industry and that suits you very well.

Health: You will probably feel a slight drop in fitness, this may be due to the season, but still be careful not to have vitamin or mineral deficiencies. You will need all your energy to bring your projects to fruition.

Mood: The routine is not far!

Tip: Without installing a green wall, you could brighten up a small room by installing a wall of green frames.


Love: You feel a need for independence more and more often. Do not hesitate to make time for yourself. If others don’t understand, don’t waste those precious minutes in fruitless dialogue and put them to good use for yourself. Single, see the bright side of things: no one will put a chord around your neck today!

Work-Money: Going forward to find new contacts and build professional relationships is what is on your mind right now. Your sense of communication will be very useful today, you will know how to seize all the opportunities allowing you to put your skills forward. Luck will be with you in the area of ​​finance.

Health: You will not lack energy but you will have to know how to channel it on the objectives that you have set for yourself so as not to scatter yourself. Your dynamism will push you to undertake too many things at once. You have to learn to settle down and relax. You will see we quickly take a liking!

Mood: Binding day.

Tip: If you want the exotic but can’t afford to leave, there’s nothing stopping you from dreaming.


Love: The ups and downs will follow one another in your love life. Your relationships will be mainly based on trust and complicity. Single, the period will be extremely favorable for an emotional restart.

Work-Money: You won’t have time to breathe! You will have to take advantage of the good astral influences to initiate or carry out all your projects.

Health: You need the great outdoors. You will be prone to insomnia or nightmares.

Mood: Rather gloomy day.

Tip: You won’t really know which foot to dance on. Nothing forces you to make a decision!


Love: As a family, you will get what you want thanks to your charm. You will have no problem convincing! In a Relationship, love will invade you, and your heart will rejoice. Take advantage of this happy time! Single, you will be less demanding, more available. It is therefore possible that you will meet.

Work-Money: Your logic is unstoppable. This is what will be your strength in the face of the professional demands of this day! You will fully benefit from the support of the stars. You will have the opportunity to carry out large-scale projects, requiring daring and composure. On the other hand, on the financial side, you will have to remain vigilant and careful.

Health: If you are subject to it, there are risks of joint pain, probably rheumatic but you will benefit from a good resistance to viral attacks.

Mood: Fairly buoyant day.

Tip: You probably have plans in mind, but think carefully before you get started.


Love: Your best bet will be to give up stirring up the past and look resolutely to the future. It would be difficult to find more pleasing planetary aspects than those of today. There will be something new and you just have to congratulate yourself.

Work-Money: You will undoubtedly come back to a recurring question and finally find the right answer. You will be able to take the problems head-on. You won’t be afraid to expose yourself. On the financial side, do not try to cheat, to play the finest, in particular with the tax authorities.

Health: You will have good physical resistance and no harm in maintaining the rhythm of your activities.

Mood: A day of hope.

Tip: Communication becomes difficult. If you are suffering from this situation, take the first step.


Love: Your humor and your zest for life bring you closer to your spouse. Now is the time for complicity. You could take advantage of this moment to establish common projects. Single, this day is placed under the best auspices. A meeting is possible.

Work-Money: What enthusiasm! You are now ready to face all the obstacles that will stand in your way! Dynamic and tenacious, you will not deviate from the course you have set for yourself. Think about balancing your finances and be more careful with your spending.

Health: The day will look good in terms of health. You have nothing in particular to fear if you are careful not to push your limits. You have a bit of a tendency to go for it without listening to your body.

Mood: Everything will work for you!

Tip: Go for a walk whenever you have the chance, especially if you are not an athlete at heart.


Love: You will be able to achieve your ends with subtlety. You will find the right words to convince your partner about a project that is close to your heart and your charisma will be your best asset.

Work-Money: The changes taking place right now are opening new doors for you. You will be entering a very positive period on a material level and you will no longer worry about the lack of money.

Health: You need to rest.

Mood: Very attractive day.

Tip: You’re not taking enough care of your stuff and it will end up costing you dearly.


Love: You only think about yourself and that doesn’t make you very likable. Be more open to others.

Work-Money: You don’t like your work very much anymore. The atmosphere is not the best and begins to weigh on your morale.

Health: Relieve stress.

Mood: Day of little interest.

Tip: You may be unhappy with yourself, but don’t blame your loved ones.


Love: Your emotional sky becomes more harmonious. You will drive away the doubts that tormented you. You will only dream of harmony and you will make an effort to be on the same wavelength as your partner. Single, very few people will find favor in your eyes. You will be very selective.

Work-Money: You will go beyond a practical problem. You will feel more free to do what you want and everything will suddenly seem easy. Put your dearest projects to life immediately.

Health: You will have good resistance to viral attacks, but you will have a great need to decompress.

Mood: Things are changing.

Tip: You need to breathe! A breath of fresh air would do you the greatest good!


Love: Be on your guard, you might fall under the spell of a manipulative person. You would have a lot to lose and big problems to gain. Go away.

Work-Money: Your ambitions are within reach and a particularly favorable period for creativity is opening today. Do not wait any longer to implement your projects.

Health: Good morale overall.

Mood: It’s up to you!

Tip: Don’t just dream about what you could do! Take matters into your own hands.


Love: Your sudden changes in mood will destabilize those around you. Try to stabilize yourself or at least take stock by isolating yourself to understand your reasons.

Work-Money: Don’t overly believe in the beautiful promises unscrupulous people will give you. Don’t let anyone harm you. Your naivety could put you at odds.

Health: Hydrate your skin.

Mood: A little unsettling atmosphere.

Tip: Be a little more attentive to others and their needs.


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