Here It All Begins: Fans Confused By Details About Maxime’s Character

Fans of the Here Everything Begins series are totally confused by details about Maxime’s character.

This week in Here it all begins, Jérémy and Célia will be at the heart of the plot because of their relationship but also the secret of Clotilde which will turn everything upside down. Obviously, we will also find the love triangle of Louis, Salomé and Maxime. And precisely, a detail concerning this character disturbs more and more the televiewers of the series of TF1. If Maxime Delcourt is the star of Here it all begins, it is clear that he is not very often behind the stove, even if the main plot is the gastronomy. Indeed, we often see the young man doing other activities, far from the kitchen. And another rather disturbing detail, while Maxime is supposed to be in first year at the Auguste Armand Institute, he is never in class with the first years like Hortense, Elodie or Eliott … But always with the promotion of Louis, Enzo and Salomé!

Sure Twitter, many fans picked up on these details by sharing sometimes quite funny posts about Here it all begins. We could then read tweets like: “Since Maxime has been at the institute, he has been doing everything (gardener, first aid worker, psychologist, etc.) except cooking”, “Why does Maxime have lessons with the second years? The first years are not in service? It pays to be friends with Louis”, “I wonder what they would all do without Maxime, luckily he’s versatile lol”, or “Maxime he went straight to 2nd year where what lol he is never with his promotion”. Who knows, the writers may soon end up putting Maxime back in the ranks of his first year of cooking at the institute very soon! While waiting to see him, find out what to expect this week in Here it all begins.

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