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In this note you have the opportunity to know more about yourself. Yes, we do not lie. Here we present you a that is capable of revealing if you stand out for being a charismatic person. Next we will explain how to participate in this test psychological.

Quiet because you are not going to do anything special. You just have to indicate what you see first in the image. According to the information provided by , what you say will allow you to know how you really are.

Of course, honesty is very important. If you lie, you will be deceiving yourself. In the illustration there are two options: a face and a question mark. Nothing more. Each alternative present in this personality test has a different meaning. That said, go ahead!

Image of the viral test 2021

This illustration will help you to know if you stand out as a charismatic person. Just tell us which you see first. A face or a question mark? (Photo: MDZ Online)

Psychological test answers

If the first thing you saw in the image was the face, you stand out for your great intelligence. You rarely go unnoticed in the places you go. You are an outgoing person. You make new friends easily. Do not deprive yourself of anything. You stand out for your great charisma and sympathy. You are a source of inspiration for many people.

If the first thing you saw in the picture was the question mark, you are a calm person. You know very well what you want. You choose to have few friends, but the best. You avoid getting into conflict. You enjoy spending time with you alone. You are a loving, attentive and cordial person with everyone who crosses your path.

What is a personality test?

Personality tests are questionnaires that are designed or created in order to assess an individual’s personality. In other words, they allow you to know what a person really is like. The tests circulating on social networks generally consist of answering a single question: What do you see first in the image? The answer will allow the user to know about their way of being.

What is the origin of the personality tests?

According to , the first personality tests were developed in 1920. These questionnaires “They were intended to facilitate the personnel selection process, particularly in the armed forces”.

In these times, many users from different parts of the world are interested in knowing more about their way of being. That is why in social networks there are several simple tests that allow Internet users to know everything related to their personality.

What is the best personality test?

The It is one of the most respected and used. It was the result of decades of work and analysis by Raymond B. Cattell, a British psychologist known for his great contributions to the field of personality and, above all, intelligence. It was he who proposed, for example, the existence of a fluid intelligence and a crystallized intelligence.

This personality test has been continuously revised and updated, but the essence remains the same: study our personality traits based on 16 factors and five secondary ones: Factor A (Affectivity), Factor B (Reasoning), Factor C (Stability), Factor E (Dominance), Factor F (Impulsivity), Factor G (Group Conformity), Factor H (Daring), Factor I (Sensitivity), Factor L (Suspicion), Factor M (Imagination), Factor N (Cunning), Factor O (Guilt), Factor Q2 (Self-sufficiency, Factor Q3 (Self-control), Factor Q4 (Tension).

Why are personality tests important?

Personality tests are tests that are carried out on candidates for a job, with the purpose of knowing their aptitudes, interests and the characteristics of their personality. In addition, they serve to be able to have a foundation to predict whether the applicant in question will successfully adapt to the values ​​and work team of your organization. Although it is an indispensable tool in the job recruitment process, lately its use has been extrapolated to social networks since it usually offers its participants new perspectives on their way of being.


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