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So like that the big boss of Radio-Canada, Michel Bissonnette, spent most of the month of December in Florida, completely ignoring the recommendations of public health authorities?

It is ironical. While news service reporters were reporting on snowbirds flying south in defiance of Ottawa rules, the news director’s supervisor was basking in sunny Miami, in his condo directly on the beach?

If I were Céline Galipeau or Patrice Roy, I wouldn’t find her funny.


Christopher Nardi du National Post revealed yesterday that Mr. Bissonnette stayed in Miami from December 2 to 27, to take care of the condo he owns there. (In a terse press release released yesterday, Mr. Bissonnette apologized “to employees and citizens”).

You will tell me that Mr. Bissonnette is not an elected official, that his case is less serious than those of Pierre Arcand (Liberal Party) or Youri Chassin (CAQ)? But Michel Bissonnette is number two in a crown corporation (and I emphasize the word “government” here).

The least of things would be that it respects if not the letter at least the spirit of the travel recommendations issued by … the State.

Is there a need to recall what is on the government site? “Canadian citizens and permanent residents are recommended to avoid non-essential travel outside of Canada until further notice in order to limit the spread of COVID-19.

The best way to protect yourself from COVID-19, your family and the most vulnerable groups in our communities is to stay in Canada ”.

Looking after your condo is not “essential”, according to the latest news.

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Do you find me stiff with Michel Bissonnette? Read what François Messier, reporter for Radio-Canada, wrote yesterday:

“The president of the Union of Workers of Radio-Canada (STTRC), Pierre Tousignant, denounces this stay and demands accountability on behalf of its 2,500 members working in Quebec and Moncton.” According to him, Mr. Bissonnette failed in his duty to set an example, especially since the management of Radio-Canada asks its employees to scrupulously respect the sanitary rules of the public health authorities. “It testifies to a lack of judgment which is obvious”.

I hope that from his condo in Florida, Michel Bissonnette consulted the Radio-Canada site. Here is what he would have read on December 3, the day after his arrival in Miami: snowbirds Florida: Despite the surge in COVID-19 cases in the United States, a large number of Canadians are determined to travel there to escape the Canadian winter, despite all recommendations not to travel in times of pandemic ”.

And on December 24: “An awareness campaign for $ 850,000 to deter travelers. During the holidays, Ottawa multiplies communication strategies to convince travelers to abandon all non-essential trips abroad. “


When I read Michel Bissonnette’s story, I thought of this song by Charlebois: “Tomorrow, winter, I don’t care. I am going south, in the sun, to bathe in the sea and I will think of you by planting my toes in the soft sand ”.

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