Here’s where and how Belgians plan to go on vacation this summer, according to a study

Ideally, 65% of them would like to go abroad, however 45% of our fellow citizens will stay in the country. Belgium is therefore the first popular destination (45%), ahead of France (40%) and Spain (15%).

“However, it is striking to note that many holidaymakers adopt a waiting position: more than 4 out of 10 travelers condition their vacation plans to vaccination. The specter of the coronavirus therefore continues to hover”, we read in the press release. .

Still according to the barometer, 69% of Belgians will opt for the car as a means of transport. Compared to 2019, the aircraft lost half of its users (32%). The train comes in third position with 13%.

A lot of people are still waiting. “Last year, 62% had already booked their trip in May; this year, they are half as many to have already booked (31%)”, notes Touring. “They are 65% want to go abroad, while 45% would like to take their vacation at home. 19.7% will simply stay at home, but this figure increases sharply (up to 37%) among people who do not wish to be vaccinated or are still undecided “.

Logically, families with children continue to opt for the summer months. July (46%) remains the most popular month, but September (39%) is becoming practically as popular as the high season, to the detriment of June (17%), punctuates the survey.

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