Heritage – Italy launches a streaming platform to promote its culture


Virtual visit of a museum, concert at La Scala in Milan or viewing of a cinema classic: Rome has thought of streaming to highlight its rich heritage.

Italy wants to make its extraordinary heritage and culture more accessible.


Italy launched on Tuesday a streaming platform available in all countries of the European Union to promote its heritage and culture, where virtual tours of museums as well as films, shows and concerts will be available.

Called “ITsART”, short for “Italy is art”, this platform, presented as the first streaming service of its kind at the global level, aims “to provide a common platform, able to reach the growing public of consumers. of Italian culture and art around the world, ”explained its managing director, Guido Casali, during a press conference at the Colosseum in Rome.

Available on an experimental basis since May, in Italy and the United Kingdom, then, from this Tuesday, in the 26 other countries of the European Union, ITsART, funded to the tune of 19 million euros (nearly 20 million of francs) by the Italian government, benefits from the collaboration of a hundred prestigious cultural institutions of the Peninsula, foremost among which is La Scala in Milan, the archaeological park of Pompeii and the museum of Egyptian antiquities in Turin.

The influence of confinement

The idea for this platform germinated during the pandemic during which many cultural institutions, such as thea gallery of the OFlorence ffices, deprived of visitors to the site, have decided to put their collections online and create content especially for their virtual visitors.

This is illustrated by the director of Pompeii, the German Gabriel Zuchtriegel, present at the press conference: during the confinement, “we started making little videos just to talk about what we were doing in there. ‘absence of visitors, and we had excellent feedback’.

“I said to myself that it would be better to do it without depending exclusively on commercial platforms, where the user is not really a customer, but a product, and where we sell advertisements, but by developing our own platform”, he said, seeing in it “a direct channel between Italian museums and the Italian public, and also potentially a global audience”.

Scene, sites, stories

The platform is divided into three sections: “The stage”, with for example concerts in La Scala, “The sites”, with virtual tours of iconic sites and monuments, such as the Archaeological Museum of Naples, and “The stories”, with documentaries and films, such as “The Last Emperor”, by Bernardo Bertolucci.

Registration on the platform, which already has around one hundred thousand subscribers, is free. The official website and the application are accessible on Smart TV, smartphone or tablet. The contents are accessible free of charge or in pay per view.


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