Heritage: the inhabitants of Châteaudun prevent the sale of their church



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C. Airaud, V. Gaget, N. Berthier, A. Derhille

France 3

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A church transformed into a second-hand dealer? The project has triggered very strong opposition from the inhabitants of Châteaudun, in the Eure, who denounce a mercantile initiative in a sacred place.

In Châteaudun (Eure), the Church of Discord is a small jewel of Romanesque art, a church of the Madeleine dating from the 12e century. Julien Cohen, television host and second-hand dealer, dreamed of becoming the owner and to make it his home of antiques. The church is not for sale, however, and some masses are still celebrated there. A petition received 2,813 signatures, and residents opposed the sale. The case will therefore not be concluded. “We are on a church which is still in activity, which seemed not to be when I visited it the first time “, recognizes the animator and second-hand dealer.

If the municipality of Châteaudun seeks to separate from its church, it is because the city is rich in heritage, but regularly loses population, businesses and fiscal resources. AT Throughout France, for many years, the religious heritage belonging to the municipality weighs on the budgets of the municipalities, which sell, often with regret. More than thirty churches a year find buyers, for sums ranging from 20,000 to 500,000 euros. In Châteaudun, the Madeleine church will not be privatized, but Julien Cohen is already thinking of another site in the city, in order to give a boost to the city center.

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