Herman Miller gaming chair for e-athletes tested

CComputer players who are particularly ambitious in their hobby and who perhaps take part in competitions as e-athletes need special equipment for training. They have their own keyboards, computer mice, headsets and gamepads that are designed for long-term heavy use. Some manufacturers offer gaming chairs that are often reminiscent of the driver’s seat of a racing car. Two years ago Ikea even presented a gaming stool called Ubik, for which the customer’s body and posture were measured.

Now Logitech, specialist in PC and console accessories, and Herman Miller, a traditional American furniture manufacturer, have joined forces and are launching the “Embody Gaming Chair” on the market. It is based on the “Embody Chair” by Herman Miller, but has been adapted to the needs of gamers. For two years, both companies have observed esports professionals and asked them what they want. Herman Miller and Logitech found that many players adopt an unhealthy posture during their activities, and so this new chair should better meet the needs of the active.

When you unpack it, you immediately notice that the head and neck supports are missing. With light blue color accents for some control elements, this model differs from a conventional office chair. The back is structured in a striking way: the fabric back is held in place by a honeycomb structure. Over a blue plastic layer with recesses, dark plastic elements are distributed over the entire surface as point fixings. With these 150 elastic brackets, the body weight is evenly distributed, according to the manufacturer, the pressure on the spine and pelvis is reduced and the player’s posture is improved in this way.

According to our subjective perception, the backrest only differs optically from that of other office chairs, it flexibly yields a few centimeters when the body moves. The maximum tilt angle can be adjusted. The statement that a cooling foam with copper-containing particles on the surface of the seat counteracts heat build-up during prolonged sitting cannot be easily agreed with.

A thigh support can be pulled out mechanically to enable taller people to sit comfortably. The higher you push the side armrests out, the closer they nestle to the body because they do not rise straight, but rather concave.

The Embody Gaming Chair made of plastic and metal looks well processed and comes ready for use in a huge cardboard box. It costs 1,300 euros and the manufacturer grants a twelve-year guarantee. A matching gaming desk is also available with a twelve-year guarantee at a price of 1125 euros.


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