Hernán Casciari embarks on his fourth audiovisual project with record figures

Buenos Aires — By the end of 2020 Hernán Casciari and Revista Orsai bought the rights to the novel The Uruguayanby the Argentine writer Pedro Mairal (Emece/2015), with the aim of adapting it and bringing it to the big screen. In 2021, they launched a call through US$100 bonds so that everyone who wanted to participate could become a producer.

La Uruguaya was financed by 1,937 partners who together raised US$600,000 with 6,000 bonds issued. The feature film has already been filmed and is in the post-production process. This week Casciari communicated a novelty: Orsai closed a contract with a streaming platform for US$600,000 for its commercialization in Latin America.

In this way, the partners managed to recover the investment and from Orsai they assured that it already generates profitability for its investors. It was Orsai’s first step in the audiovisual industry, another adventure for Casciari and his partner Chiri Basilis, inexhaustible sources of ideas to bring audiences closer to content, and give authors greater ownership of their products.

After the Uruguayancontinued Canelones, with a similar method of self-management and with more than two thousand members. This project that will have Verónica Llinás and Darío Barassi as protagonists has already ended its financing process that brought together 5,469 investors who together raised US$1,031,100. Canelones is in the pre-production process. also joined the documentary Alone in Paradise by actress Justina Bustos, which with 938 investors reached funding of US$89,950 at the time.

Now follows a new project, associated with the renowned Argentine actor Diego Peretti. But this time, Peretti will be director. The Peretti Project ─as he called it Cashiers managed to raise US$100,000 in the first 48 hours, a higher start than the two projects mentioned above.

What did Hernán Casciari say about the Peretti Project?

“We baptized the «Peretti Project» to a film that will be shot between Buenos Aires and Brussels, with a script by Hernán Casciari and Chiri Basilis based on an idea by Peretti himself. The opera prima of the great Argentine actor (co-directed with Javier Beltramino) part with bonuses of 50 USD that can be acquired until December 31”, Orsai communicated.

At the time of publishing this note, The proceeds amounted to US$167,650, with 1,102 investors and 3,353 bonds issued.

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